Why we ONLY use Cedar


Why we ONLY use Cedar



Canadian Cedar


Imported Rubberwood


Rot Resistance



Cedar is very resistant to rot making it well suited to harsh outdoor. conditions

·     Commonly is used to make decks and fences.



Rubberwood is not suited to outdoor use and is highly perishable. 

·     It also has no natural resistance to decay.


Mould Resistance



Cedar is naturally anti-microbial and has a very high resistance to mould & mildew.



Rubberwood is highly susceptible to fungal staining.


Insect Resistance



Cedar naturally repels insects so leaving it outside is not a problem.



Rubberwood attracts insects and is very prone to infestation.



Safe & Effective

Alternative To Wire Bristles



·       Outdoor Rated Cedar

·       Made of Softwood

·       Naturally forms deep grooves that shape perfectly to your grill



·       Classified as hardwood

·       Hard to form deep grooves

·       Possibility of introducing mould or fungus to your grill







We only use Canadian Cedar that is sustainable and responsibly harvested and replanted.



Rubberwood is 100% imported from Asia.




and Care



Cedar requires very little maintenance and can be stored outdoors.


Rubberwood Grill Cleaners should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after every use, then dried and stored indoors to help prevent rot and fungus.